Our company was founded by enthusiasts of fantasy video games. We have noticed a gap in the market of action-rpg and strategy games and, consequently, have decided to fill it up with our own ideas.

Our goal is to create dynamic games with captivating storylines based on various myths and legends. If you have ever wondered what it is like to be a villain, keep an eye on our productions and you won’t be disappointed.

Grzegorz Syska

CEO, Level Designer and a 3D graphic artist specializing in creating high-quality enviro models. In the gaming industry for almost 10 years. Owner of an online shop with high-quality game assets. His models can be found in dozens of indie game titles. Took part in productions such as Gloria Victis, Dinosaur Fossil Hunter, Bum Simulator, Giants Uprising and many more. Passionate designer of open fantasy worlds.

Marco Magiera

Lead Gameplay & AI programmer, associated with gamedev for several years. From September 2020, Game Director at the Giants Uprising project in VARSAV. Worked with Riot Games as a player support. Interested in maths, science fiction and fantasy literature. Anime fan. A passionate RTS and MOBA player.

Paweł Syska

Gameplay Programmer. He has many years of experience in creating games. Worked on the World War 3 game project. Knows the details of how graphics engines work. He specializes in creating advanced mobility systems and artificial intelligence. Interested in technological innovations, chemistry and physics.