Leshy is a third-person hack’n’slash game about a demon of the Slavic mythology, the guardian of the forest – Leshy. The action takes place around year 2040 in the primeval forest invaded by humans working in the interests of a powerful corporation. Their actions bring nature to the brink of extinction. Humans want to take over the world perfume market at all costs, so they will do everything to get the necessary resources to create more and more sophisticated perfumes for a demanding clientele.

Two powerful forces clash in the game – nature and technology. As Leshy, you will encounter enemies such as local poachers, corporate mercenaries supported by exoskeletons, and much more powerful ones – machines and mechs. In the fight with them, you have many methods and skills at your disposal, such as:

  • hand-to-hand combat using agility and cunning
  • setting traps
  • transformation into other animals (e.g. owl, wisent, bear)
  • use of the forces of nature

The enemies leave behind massive destruction that Leshy has to rebuild. Help the local fauna, prevent trees from being cut down, and littering with chemicals.

Take on the role of a legendary forest guardian and stop the coming danger by driving out the human invaders.

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If you ever see a pointed red hat while picking mushrooms – run!

Somewhere deep in the woods, creatures no bigger than a rabbit have their home, yet they are formidable among much larger human brethren. They are gnomes – legendary race of halflings, spreading fear and ruling in wooded areas since the dawn of time.

Create an army, train builders, gather resources, develop technology and lead your mini-people to take total control of the forest. On your way, you will be faced with dangerous external factors such as wild animals, hostile terrain, carnivorous plants, dangerous gangs, and also internal issues, such as alcoholism, idleness and defeatism spreading among the society.

On the way to the top, make alliances or develop your army and declare wars.

Set traps for animals, and learn to catch and use people for your purposes. If they turn out to be unproductive, you have no choice but to resort to torture.

As a ruler, you must not forget to entertain your people. Arena should solve this problem. A well thought-out economy leads to prosperity, but a ruler that is too gentle may lose their respect. Use a strict tax system to your advantage and keep society in check.

Days are for work, but it is at night when real life begins.

It is a tradition among the gnomes to come up with a dope party every night; there is plenty of alcohol, stimulants, crazy contests, and prostitution. As the king, you should have fun and enjoy what the dark night has to offer.

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